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IoT without IP is like a cheeseburger without the cheese

The era where MCUs supporting IP protocol was too expensive is now over, along with proprietary so-called "IoT" solutions. Leveraging the tried-and-true Internet Protocol in combination with CoAP and CBOR makes it easier for developers to leverage their experience and solutions in their IoT projects. This reduces not only development costs, but more importantly, limits points of attack and system weaknesses.
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Integrated from inception, not as an afterthought

Encrypted communication using TLS/DTLS is for the plgd ecosystem just a technicality. Device ownership transfer using manufacturer certificates, device provisioning, mutual-TLS authentication using X.509 certificates, ACLs, OAuth2.0, audit log or even end-to-end encryption is what allow us to sleep. This straightforward foundation reduces the complexities of developing an IoT Secure solution.
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Addressing various opportunities across multiple vertical markets

plgd didn't went a path where an IoT device is just a messaging client. Our ecosystem includes cloud services, device libraries, local and remote clients and tools. Our building blocks and supported deployment options allows you to design the system in a way it fulfills your most complex requirements.
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Building on existing foundations

APIs have revolutionized how we use the web. Emergence of IoT Technology at scale requires adoption of the similar paradigms in the IoT world as well. We adopted this route and are based on open and well-founded standards. Accessing your plgd IoT device is therefore the same as accessing your favorite web API. Yes, even on the local network without without the internet connection.
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We have no proprietary features behind an expensive paywall

Our mission is to make secure IoT ubiquitous. That's why we need you, our community. Only together and through transparency, will make the open-source promise happen. Being open-source is not just a benefit to us, but also to you. It gives you an opportunity to influence tomorrow.
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A low plgd OPEX & device footprint is what we strive for!

The selection of technologies and modern design of the whole stack keeps the plgd services operation expense and the IoTivity footprint very low. Running a secure device stack on the ESP32, communicating with TLS1.2 to plgd on a Raspberry Pi is the reality.

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plgd is community driven!

plgd is an open-source IoT platform implementing Open Connectivity Foundation specification. plgd has been endorsed by some of the world's best companies and is released under the Apache 2.0 license. We remain committed to our community and will always be vendor neutral.