Secure and Interoperable Internet of Things

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Secure from the start

Highly secured device on-boarding followed by end-to-end security and tamper-proof audit trail.

Interoperable by design

ISO ratified IoT Standard driven by more than 400+ Open Connectivity Foundation members.

Cloud Native & Open Source

Easy to deploy in the cloud of your choice with all the benefits of an open source solution.

plgd Cloud high level diagram

# plgd Cloud

Internet of Things (IoT) technologies have evolved rapidly in recent years and continue to change how we interact with our surroundings. For companies, IoT brings new ways to monitor and manage objects in the physical world, while massive new streams of data offer better avenues for decision making. To ensure secure interoperability for customers, business and industries, the Open Connectivity Foundation (opens new window) with more than 400 members delivers an ISO ratified specification and certification program allowing devices to communicate regardless of form factor, operating system, service provider, transport technology or ecosystem.

Beyond the specification bounds is the open source plgd project delivering you the Cloud Native implementation of the OCF Cloud specification (opens new window) as well as other ecosystem supportive tools. The plgd Cloud is not just another IoT platform providing you remote access to your devices; it's an OCF Ecosystem building block designed to enable true Internet of Things - access a device as a service.