# 1. Deploy OCF Cloud

There are multiple options how to start using / testing the plgd Cloud. If you're just trying to get in touch with this IoT solution, jump right to the free pluggedin.cloud instance and onboard your device. In case you want to test the system localy and you have the Docker ready (opens new window), use our Bundle Docker Image. Last but not least, in case you're already familiar with the plgd Cloud and you want to deploy production ready system, follow our Kubernetes deployment using Helm Charts(https://helm.sh/).
If you're already familiar with the OCF Cloud and want to deploy full-blown system, go right to the (#some-markdown-heading)

# Try pluggedin.cloud

Simply visit pluggedin.cloud (opens new window) and click Try.

# Bundle

Bundle option hosts all plgd Cloud Services and it's dependencies in a single Docker Image. This solution should be used only for testing purposes as the authorization servies is not in full operation.

# Pull the image

docker pull plgd/bundle:vnext
docker run -d --network=host --name=cloud -t plgd/bundle:vnext

# Remarks

  • OAuth2.0 Authorization Code is not verified during device onboarding
  • Cloud2Cloud is not part of the Bundle deployment

# Kubernetes

comming soon...